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How One Detail Can Improve Your Literary Brand

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When trying to make a name for yourself in any business, the details matter.

For a self-published author it can be understandably difficult to focus on the details of your brand when you are also responsible for pouring your heart and soul into the literature.

But the details matter.

Not only to your (hopefully) growing fan base but also to your bottom line.

Whether you have written a book that is now sold on Amazon or iBooks, or you review a multitude of books (or both), providing the best possible experience for your users to purchase your books is one detail you can’t overlook.

Quite simply; “buy links” give your fans a more complete experience.

Using affiliate programs like the Amazon Associates program or iTunes’ affiliate program to earn commissions on books (and other items) that people buy through your links gives your bank account a “more complete” experience.

Many people who utilize affiliate links, however, don’t realize that if they are only linking to a single Amazon storefront, people from other regions will have trouble buying. This is because Amazon has separate geographic storefronts, and international fans most likely shop in one of the other 12.

So how can you make sure that every fan, no matter where they live, can use those links to buy the book?

One option would be to create a link for each Amazon storefront each time you want to link to a product. But that’s time consuming for you and cumbersome for your readers.

The easier and more streamlined option, however, is to create “globalized links.”

GeoRiot is a link management platform that allows authors, bloggers, and other online marketers to create a single, global link that translates every click and sends it to the right product in the clicker’s local online storefront. So if you have a fan in Germany who clicks the link to your book, they get sent to the book on Amazon.de. Canadian fans? Amazon.ca. etc…

Not only do global links give all your fans the easiest buying experience, but, they also allow you to earn all those international affiliate commissions.

Just to review…

Happier fans? Check.

More affiliate commissions? Check.

Taking care of the details? Check.

(Hear what three independent authors told us about publishing, marketing and earning additional revenue.)

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