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Review: Christopher Stokes’ The Distant Glimmer

The Distant Glimmer

In 1962 a glimmer in the sky was spotted by a British research facility and a team of 6 men, …

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Review: Morgan Bell’s Sniggerless Boundulations

Sniggerless Boundulations

Sniggerless Boundulations is the debut short story collection by Morgan Bell. With titles like The Tunnel, It Had to Be …

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Review: R.M. Grace’s Fall of Hope

Fall Of Hope

Fall of Hope is a thrilling story that draws its readers into a world of confusion, raising questions about whether …

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Review: Jane Davis’s An Unchoreographed Life

An Unchoreographed Life

When I picked up a copy of the latest book from award winning author Jane Davis I really didn’t know …

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Review: Vicki Case’s Forever Love

Forever Vicki Case

Forever Love by Vicki Case is the fourth of her poetry collections written for Eros, the man she loved and …

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Review – Gary Sheard’s Awful Management

Awful Management

Awful Management chronicles the business experiences of Gary Sheard from junior pea picker to the chairman of a plc. Along …

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Review – Kneel Downe’s SPORADIC


I first came across the work of Kneel Downe when upon a friend’s recommendation I purchased Amelia’s Song, a fairy …

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Review: Patrick Andendall’s Stupid Party: Math Versus Myth


To date, I’ve only reviewed fiction, so it was a refreshing change to review something of an altogether different bent. …

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Review – R.J. Brousseau’s Battle For Honor: Gates

Battle For Honor Gates

Three thousand years ago, Agora was brought to the brink of annihilation by the Third Great War. Since then, all …

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Review – T.A. Uner’s Doctor Mars

Doctor Mars

Doctor Mars is a short science-fiction story written by T.A. Uner. Set – as one might have guessed – on …

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Review: Carrie Lane’s Before Cate (Cat Haus)

Before Cate

Book contains scenes of a sexual nature Two years after a great tragedy in his life, John Hamilton thinks he …

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Review: DC Mahoney’s Ageless Spy

In 1939 Carl Coles, a mid twenties merchant seaman, happens across a young waitress in Nova Scotia whilst he docked …

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Review: Mark Gray’s Deny


Meet Cassie Isabel Moore – three names are important she has been told. She’s 17, doesn’t care about anyone or …

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Review: Robert Geoffrey’s A Letter To My Son


As someone who has experienced an awful amount of loss in my life, I am now quite hardened to the …

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Review – Drew Bankston’s Lines of Force

Lines Of Force Front Cover

Travelling back in time and changing history is not a new concept. It is a well travelled road for science …

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Review – Leandra Martin’s Dark One Rising

Dark One Rising

When you review for a successful site like The Self Publisher’s Showcase which has so many fantastic authors and titles, …

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Review – Anne Riley’s Elusive Little Sucker: My Entirely Too Long and Totally Circuitous Search for Happiness


Here we have a short but funny, insightful, trenchant memoir type anecdotally oriented travelogue-ish book that masquerades as a guide …

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Review – Ava Morgan’s Uprooted


Ava Morgan’s “Uprooted” is a tale of fantasy and teenage love, not something I would usually reach for. However, I …

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Review – A.J. Walters’ A Constant Attraction

A Constant Attraction

The second book in the Attraction series serves us a strong sequel to ‘An Acute Attraction’. After finishing up the …

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Review – James Calbraith’s The Chrysanthemum Seal

The Chrysanthemum Seal

The Chrysanthemum Seal by James Calbraith is the fifth in the Year of the Dragon series. Set in a world …

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