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FREE: Tim Marquitz’s Discordia Ascendant: An Illustrated Demon Squad Story: August 6th-8th

Discordia Ascendant

Discordia Ascendant: An Illustrated Demon Squad Story (Fantasy/Short Story) An Illustrated short story featuring Rahim. Determined to rid El Paseo …

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FREE: Huw Langridge’s The Axiom Few: August 6th-10th

The Axiom Few

The Axiom Few (Science Fiction) Archer, Geek and Davey are The Axiom Few, a small band of freelance techno-graduates who …

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Review: Robert Geoffrey’s A Letter To My Son


As someone who has experienced an awful amount of loss in my life, I am now quite hardened to the …

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Guest Post : Frank Bukowski’s Bad Day At The Office 6 *Mature Content*

Frank Bukowski E1411516273876

“Why should I let the toad work Squat on my life?” The opening couplet from Philip Larkin’s poem ‘Toads’ never …

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Short Story: Rumplestiltskin III and the Serrated Sunset by Kevin Kauffmann

Author Picture

Rumplestiltskin III once found himself on a little dirt road in the middle of a country that looked remarkably like …

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An Unplanned Trilogy, by Susan Moore Jordan

Susan Moore Jordan E1402095826346

As it happens – a very useful phrase for a writer, by the way – the three novels I have …

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Lesley Jones – Carnage #2: The Story Of Me

Carnage 2

Carnage #2: The Story Of Me (Romance/Erotica) When your world, your life and all of your hopes and dreams for …

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Reece Evhans – The Charge Of A Star

Charge Of A Star

The Charge Of A Star: The Seeker Series, Book II (YA/Paranormal Romance/Suspense) The much-anticipated sequel to The Stern and Wild …

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Brigette Manie – A Matter Of Trust: The Seneca Mountain Romances

A Matter Of Trust Kindle Cover E1407058786266

A Matter of Trust: The Seneca Mountain Romances (Romance/Inspiration/Contemporary Women’s Fiction) For Adrianna Reid (Dri), the word ‘no’ is just …

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Review – Drew Bankston’s Lines of Force

Lines Of Force Front Cover

Travelling back in time and changing history is not a new concept. It is a well travelled road for science …

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Drew Bankston – Lines of Force: The Weekend Adventures of Andrew Barton

Lines Of Force Front Cover

Lines of Force (Science-Fiction) Andrew Barton is an ordinary man who, each weekend, stumbles into extraordinary circumstances. With a college …

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FREE: Mark Gray’s DENY: August 1st – 4th


Deny (Thriller) Cassie Moore just killed her only (sort of) friend. And she liked it. Deny is the story of …

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S.M. Donaldson – Forgiveness of Summer

Forgiveness Of Summer

Forgiveness of Summer: Seasons of Change, Book I (Romance) Silas Manning’s life has always been built on expectations, mostly those …

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How One Detail Can Improve Your Literary Brand

GeoRiot Logo

When trying to make a name for yourself in any business, the details matter. For a self-published author it can …

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FREE: Kent Burden’s The Office Workout: July 29th – 31st

The Office Workout

The Office Workout: 75 Exercises to do at Your Desk (Non-Fiction/Health and Wellness) Feeling unhealthy and trapped at your desk …

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Funding – Kneel Downe’s The Jackport Killer Audiobook

Fill The Void Header

Our latest highlighted Funding project, comes courtesy of Kneel Downe Start Date: July 24th 2014 Duration: 45 Days End Date: …

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Nikki Broadwell – Gypsy’s Return

Gypsys Return

Gypsy’s Return: Gypsy Series, Book II (Fantasy/Paranormal Romance/Science-Fiction) The flutter of a butterfly’s wings may cause a hurricane across the …

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FREE: Tom Reinhart’s Das Vampir: July 27th-30th

Das Vampir1

Das Vampir (Horror/Short Story) Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no …

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FREE: Tom Reinhart’s Hegemonian: July 27th-30th


Hegemonian (Fantasy) An ancient world. A savage but noble warrior. A weapon of the gods. A dangerous land filled with …

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FREE: Tom Reinhart’s Saint Monolith: July 27th-30th


Saint Monolith (Crime/Thriller) In the United States, a violent crime occurs every 26 seconds. Police officers take an oath to …

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