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Jae V. Reece – The Forest Lone

The Forest Lone

The Forest Lone (YA/Fantasy) The two hundred year-old peace over the human kingdom of Charlten will be broken as wolf …

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Kneel Downe – SPORADIC


SPORADIC (Science-Fiction) SPORADIC – (adj.) occurring at irregular intervals or only in a few places; scattered or isolated. Staccato lay …

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Guest Post: Writing Rebellious by J.L. Murray

J.L. Murray

Every writer knows that there is a set of rules we are supposed to adhere to if our books are …

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Review: Patrick Andendall’s Stupid Party: Math Versus Myth


To date, I’ve only reviewed fiction, so it was a refreshing change to review something of an altogether different bent. …

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HJ Lawson – War Kids

War Kids Cover

War Kids (Young Adult) When fourteen-year-old Jada wakes up in a hospital, the last thing she thinks is that her …

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Review – R.J. Brousseau’s Battle For Honor: Gates

Battle For Honor Gates

Three thousand years ago, Agora was brought to the brink of annihilation by the Third Great War. Since then, all …

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Malcolm Powell – The Outcasts

The Outcasts

The Outcasts (Science Fiction) Paul Miller ran his star ship with tight discipline; because of the harshness of the discipline, …

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MC Raj – Planet B2


Planet B2: Human War Against Nature (Science-Fiction) Raj, the evocative and gifted narrator, guides readers on a journey through clandestine …

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FREE: Matthew Berlin’s LEGENDS OF LUSTRIA: August 15th

Legends Of Lustria

Legends of Lustria: Embark (Fantasy/Action/MG/YA) Lustria, the Eternal World, is threatened by a seemingly unstoppable force; the Evil. It has …

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Guest Post: S.G. Night reports on an incredibly powerful marketing tool for authors

SG Night

“Hindsight is 20:20” takes 2nd place (right behind stuff about death-and-taxes) as the world’s truest proverb. We are always a …

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Recent covers from Acapella Book Cover Design

Acapella Discover

Four book covers Acapella Book Cover Design have recently designed have been released. Here’s a look at the covers and …

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Interview – Brandy Lay, author of Night-Night, Yellow Sun!

Brandy Lay Disc

Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Brandy Lay, author of Night -Night, Yellow Sun! Welcome to the Showcase Lounge, …

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Guest Post: That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore by Duncan Milne


Suicide is serious. So is depression. And addiction too. These are issues severe enough to be social conditions not left …

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Review – B.L. Blair’s Notice Me

Notice Me Cover

Notice Me from B.L. Blair , is a relatively short romantic story about patience and the desire to do anything …

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Davis Ashura – Stories from Arisa

Stories From Arisa

Stories from Arisa – Volume One (Fantasy/YA) Arisa: a world of loss and hardship; of legend and wonder; the world …

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Paulette Oakes – Love Stinks

Love Stinks

Love Stinks: Love Me Right Novels, Book 1 (Chick-Lit/Romance) Robin Wagner has had it with that silly little thing called …

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Interview – Paulette Oakes, author of Love Stinks


Self-Publisher’s Showcase: Today we are joined by Paulette Oakes, author of Love Stinks. Welcome to the Showcase Lounge, Paulette. PO: …

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Review – T.A. Uner’s Doctor Mars

Doctor Mars

Doctor Mars is a short science-fiction story written by T.A. Uner. Set – as one might have guessed – on …

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Fiza Pathan – Nirmala: The Mud Blossom


Nirmala: the Mud Blossom (Literary Fiction) This story is about Nirmala the Mud Blossom, who had the misfortune to be …

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FREE: V.E. Bystry’s SPIAR: August 11th-15th


SPIAR (Fantasy/Paranormal/Supernatural) SPIAR is an obscure government agency dedicated to fighting that which we do not want to believe is …

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