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Review: Jeff Dawson’s Love’s True Second Chance


This is a simple story of boy meets girl. She was 16, he was 17. They were both going out …

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Review: Bill Bolton’s In Search of Piétons: a photo documentary

In Search Of

Photographs of pedestrian crossing signs in France is not my usual book. I am not a photographer and nor am …

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Review: Alison Gray’s Hibiscus Fruit

HibiscusFruit Ebook 2

On leave from her job in Newcastle upon Tyne, following the death of her lover, DS Abby Foulkes is on …

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Review: Hans M Hirschi’s Willem of the Tafel

WillemoftheTafel F2

When I first picked up the book, Hans M Hirschi’s Willem of the Tafel, I  realised that I had already …

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Review: D.A. Lascelles’ Lurking Miscellany

Lurking Miscellany

Lurking Miscellany is a collection of short stories by D A Lascelles with a difference. Not many authors let the …

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Review: Jimmy Newell’s A Bronx Boy’s Tale

Bronx Boy

When I was a small child something happened, I don’t know what, television probably, and I became obsessed with the …

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Review: Terry John Barto’s Gollywood, Here I Come!


Gollywood, Here I Come! Is an illustrated children’s book. Written by Terry John Barto, and beautifully illustrated by Mattia Cerato, …

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Review – Kyle M. Perkins’ Night Blade: Dawn of Discovery

Nb 1 Cover

Buy this book – it has Japanese Cat Demons! What? You want a better reason? OK. Teenager Niko Sakuna is …

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Review – Sheryl Sorrentino’s Stop & Frisk

Stop Frisk

As bouncer, it’s Paulie’s job to protect pole dancers, break up brawls, and pat down the illegal farm workers and …

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Review – Drew Bankston’s The Eyes of Tokorel: The Color of Emotion

The Color Of Emotion

Permac Sude and Linsora Anselm come from different planets and, because of a historic event that both sides believe a …

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Review- Cybele Loening’s Dead Lies

Dead Lies

Former NYPD cop Anna Valentine just landed her first homicide case—the grisly double murder of a wealthy young couple. But …

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Review – M.L.S. Weech’s The Journals Of Bob Drifter

61HFWWZ3o3L. SL1000

Bob Drifter is a teacher from Arizona but he is also over three hundred years old and a Journeyman, tasked …

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Review – J. Bradley Van Tighem’s PUHA


I am a bit of a history buff and I really enjoy Celtic folk tales and Norse sagas, so was …

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Review – Mark Binmore’s A Life of Parties

A Life Of Parties

This is the biography of Agatha Dewsbury. Born in the early part of the twentieth century, Agatha was a moderately …

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Review – Jim Money’s The Conflict That Was A War

The Conflict

I’ve read a lot of books on war, conflict, the political fallout and accounts of the mental health issues that …

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Review – Lee French’s The Fallen


Chavali is a seer. The latest in a long line, she and her Blaukenev clan take a carnival across Tilzam …

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Review – Kevin J. Villeneuve’s The Adventures of Nick and O-Zone: Protectors of the Universe


The Adventures of Nick and O-Zone: Protectors of the Universe is the debut release from author Kevin J. Villeneuve. The …

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Review – Davis Ashura’s A Warrior’s Knowledge

A Warriors Knowledge

A Warrior’s Knowledge is the second part in the Castes and Outcastes trilogy by Davis Ashura. I greatly enjoyed the …

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Review – Elizabeth Loraine’s Katrina: The Beginning – The Royal Blood Chronicles Book 1


This, the first in the Royal Blood Chronicles from Elizabeth Loraine, tells the story of Katrina von Dracek, a vampire …

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Review – Sergeant Clyde Hoch’s Tracks: Memoirs of a Vietnam Veteran


Sergeant Clyde Hoch’s Tracks: Memoirs of a Vietnam Veteran is a stunning read. Stunning in its honesty. Stunning in its …

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